16 Feb

Permanent Placement Of Occupational Services

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Nowadays, there is an ever increasing demand for qualified occupational therapists and substantial scope for career advancement in this field in the United States. If you prepare to remain on in the occupational treatment profession, you can look for an irreversible positioning for occupational therapist job.

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Entry Level Requirement

Prospects need to have a master’s degree in occupational therapy from a recognized program. In addition to this, they have to take a nationwide certification test to get state licensure. With this basic entry level requirement, you can discover ideal placement and after that work to advance your profession.

Job Advantages

As an occupational therapist, you get to delight in a much better way of life and save cash. In addition to rewarding salary plus benefit, you have lots of other outstanding advantages including:

o Section 125 Lunchroom Plan
o Health care insurance including dental, vision and life
o Extra state license
o Paid housing
o Travel allowances
o 401( k) Retirement Savings Plan
o Cancer insurance
o Continuing education
o Expert liability insurance
o Short-term special needs insurance coverage
o Migration processing (for globally trained employees).

A Much Valued Service.

Qualified occupational therapists have an essential role to play in rehab centers, mental health facilities, private clinics, healthcare facilities and physiotherapy centers. They deal with people belonging to different age in different work schedules – full-time or part-time. Occupational treatment professionals deal with mentally or handicapped people to improve basic motor functions, physical capabilities and abilities in all elements of their lives. Their service bundle usually includes -.

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