16 Feb

Professional Window Cleaner Needs To Know Everything

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If you are going to do anything professionally, you need to be really effective and truly effective. Cleaning up windows professionally is no different. If you prepare to make a living cleaning glass, you will wish to use the best tools and techniques.

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Fortunately, I am going to offer you the within scoop on what you need to use to detail the windows. If you have been using simply any old rag to wipe your squeegee and to detail edges then you have to listen up.

Ditch the old t-shirts and underclothing, the terry fabric rags, and old bath towels. You need to use the ideal fabrics! Here are some better alternatives:
1) blue surgical cloths
2) a Scrim fabric
3) a great microfiber
4) an old-school leather chamois

Surgical Cloths – also called “huck towels”. These are lint-free cloths they use in medical settings to take in blood and other bodily fluids. They are incredibly absorbent a nearly lint complimentary. They are most likely the top choice for a lot of window cleaners because they are effective and quickly available. You can purchase them form window cleaning supply business on the web or get them from most janitorial supply shops.

A scrim is your next best bet. I think they are a step up from the surgical towels in regards to quality and the outcomes that you can obtain from them. However, they are more costly, and you will probably have to purchase one from an internet provider. The scrim is made from extremely hard however absorbent linen fibers. It is a lot bigger than the surgical towels which is advantageous in that you do not have to swap them out as much however can feel awkward to some people. It takes a bit of getting used to. Also, you will have to wash it a few times to break it in.

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